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DBQ Information

DBQ Page - East Ramapo CSD

Regents Prep - Global History and Online Geography

Teachers Discovering History as Historians

Teaching with Documents

New York State Historical Association: Document Based Questions

New York State Social Studies DBQ Courses

Online Writing Guide DBQ Essays

200 DBQ Research Page
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Digital Librarian: Electronic Texts & Primary Sources
Digital Archive of Architecture
This collection of photographs and illustrations of European and American architecture is the work of Prof. Jeffery Howe of the Fine Arts department of Boston College.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Primary Documents Links Page

Repositories of Primary Sources
A listing of over 3900 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.

United States History


American Experience: Vietnam/Primary Sources

America's Freedom Documents

American Memory
The Library of Congress's National Digital Library contains more than 40 collections, which feature historical photos, maps, documents, letters, speeches, recordings, videos, prints, and more.

American Slave Narratives

The Avalon Project: Documents
The Avalon Project of the Yale Law School will mount digital documents (transcripts) relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government.

Center of Military History

Civil War Women: Primary Sources

Documenting the American South
This electronic text archive from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill contains primary source slavery narratives and first-person narratives of the South.

DOUGLASS Archives of American Public Address

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

The History Net
This collection of resources highlights topics in United States and world history through eyewitness accounts, interviews, photographs, and other primary and secondary sources.

Hypertext on American History
This site contains over 100 historical documents relating to United States history, from the 1400s to the present.

Internet Public Library Exhibit Hall

Making of America
A digital library of primary sources in American social history from the ante-bellum period through reconstruction.

Maryland Historical Society Primary Source Worksheets

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library
The Library of Congress presents information on Abraham Lincoln, including the Emancipation Proclamation and his assassination, in this online exhibit of primary sources.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
NARA preserves historically valuable archives of the U.S. government, including documents, photographs, images, maps, audio clips, letters, speeches, and films. Check out the Exhibit Hall for fascinating primary sources on such topics as the Lincoln assassination and World War II propaganda posters.

National Baseball Hall of Fame

New Deal Network
This site contains hundreds of primary sources related to the Depression era and the New Deal.

Project Whistle Stop
Find primary source documents, photos, letters, journals, and more on 20th century history from the Truman Presidential Library. The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb study collection highlights Truman's decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan during World War II.

Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian Institution offers access to primary sources and other resources on a wide variety of topics, including military and political history.

Sunsite Digital Collections

The Erie Canal Learning Experience
This Learning Experience is provided as a PDF file. To view and print it, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0, which you can download free from the Adobe Web site.

The University of Oklahoma Law Center: A Chronology of US Historical Documents
This site offers an extensive directory of historical documents from pre-colonial days to the present. Many presidential inaugural addresses are included, as are some songs, poems, letters, and more.

The Valley of the Shadow
Learn about the impact of the Civil War on two counties, Pennsylvania's Franklin County and Virginia's Augusta County, through the primary source images, documents, letters, newspapers, and maps at this site.

Woman and Social Movements in the United States
By providing a rich collection of primary documents related to women and social movements in the United States between 1820 and 1940 this website offers new ways for students, teachers, and scholars to study American history.

World History

Alex is a comprehensive catalog of books and other works that enables users to find and retrieve the full text of documents on the Internet.

The Ancient World Web
This extensive site organizes thousands of Internet sites on ancient history into a subject index. You can also search for sites by keyword.

Digital Tradition Folk Song Database
This database provides the lyrics to over 5000 folk songs. Some songs are accompanied by audio files and brief background notes.

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe

The History Net
This collection of resources highlights topics in United States and world history through eyewitness accounts, interviews, photographs, and other primary and secondary sources.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars.

The Labyrinth
This collection of medieval resources includes an electronic library of poetry and prose in medieval languages.

Perseus Project
Perseus is a growing collection of online resources for studying the ancient world.

University of Penna. Museum of Archaeology

Vincent Voice Library
This site features primary source sound samples, such as speech clips from many U.S. presidents and other notable figures in history.

The World War I Document Archive
This archive of primary documents from World War I has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List (WWI-L).

World War II Resources
Original documents regarding all aspects of the war.

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